Haunted Indiana (1981) VHS

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"In the Autumn of 1981, WTTV Channel 4 unleashed upon the children of central Indiana a Halloween special unlike anything they had seen before. Beloved kiddie show personalities Cowboy Bob and Janie were joined by the sinister figure of Nightmare Theater host Sammy Terry in presenting what was promoted as a child-appropriate seasonal cartoon program. What was delivered, however, was a compilation of very earnest recountings of "true" monster and ghost stories that left tens of thousands of crying children and wet beds in its wake. A convocation was held at my elementary school the next day to assure my classmates and I that "it was all made up", but we remained certain that secret, terrifying truths had been revealed to us. Deluged by parental complaints, WTTV never aired the program again, but the legend steadily grew as memories of watching that original broadcast were recounted at countless campfires and sleepovers. AND NOW, forty years later, you can experience the terror again - or for the very first time - as Vulture Video presents the VHS debut of.... HAUNTED INDIANA!"

PLUS - An EXCLUSIVE interview with program creators Michael and Stephen White! 

Limited edition, handmade by Vulture Video!